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Keep the Packing Slip?….YES please! Pt.2

Should packing slips be kept on the package? If so, why? What difference does it really make and how can it benefit your company?

Packing slips allow you to use the packages you are already shipping as a vehicle for increasing sales and generating additional business. Plus, with the right model every order can generate new sales and at the same time improve your customer’s experience - which can put you above the rest.

Keeping a packing slip with a package greatly increases customer convenience. When they’re kept together, the customer is able to quickly and easily make sure they received everything they ordered and that nothing is missing.

Customer convenience and satisfaction should always be a driving factor in your business, but increasing sales should also be a goal. Packing slips are a great way to generate more business and sales, and can be incredibly easy as well.

An easy and versatile way to utilize packing slips is to add a promo code. Use the code in conjunction with a Call to Action for your customer to order again, add a deadline to encourage faster reorders, and you’re in business - bringing in more sales with little to no additional effort.

For example,

“Order by April 5th to receive an extra $10 off your purchase of $50 or more. Use promo code THANKS.”


Increasing revenue with a packing slip is that easy!

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