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Ward-Kraft is a trade only printing manufacturer with a reputation for product innovation and a powerful network of re-sellers.


Ward-Kraft is a nationally known leader in the print industry with over 45 years of experience. Our top products include: Pressure Seal, Medical I.D. Wristbands, Integrated Form & Label combinations including Uni-web and Joined Web, Shipping Label/Packing Slips such as DuplexPackSlip® & KnockOut® label, Form & Card combinations including RealCard® & EliteCard®, Plastic Mailers, Plastic Cards and UL/Industrial/Durable Labels.

We have been sought out by some of the largest printer companies in the world and asked to partner on the design of a peeler for the DuplexPackSlip®.

In 2015 Ward-Kraft was approached by global leader Toshiba to help design a peeler apparatus to attach to their DB-EA4D printer. That same year we were also approached by another worldwide leader, Sato Group to duplicate our peeler for their GY412 model.


We have also partnered with several different software companies such as MiniSoft, PaceJet, and Nice Label. These companies support third-party integration with WMS, ERP, Order Management and various shipping solutions.

Additional Printers Coming Soon

Click here to download WK Peeler Spec Sheets


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